Can’t get any simpler that this exercise!🙂 Strike out the ones you’ve completed and a little explanation of the one’s you’ve not.

I was nominated for this awesome exercise by lifesfinewhine who is one of the coolest people I know!

Kissed someone – On the cheek, yes. 

Smoked a cigarette – Strong morals. Also my i don’t want to be disowned. 

Got so drunk you passed out  – To be honest, I hate drinking. 

Gone to a rock concert – No! Someone come to my country!

Helped someone – Yes!

Gone fishing – Don’t know how to.

Watched four movies in one night – Hahaha, Yes! More popcorn!

Lied to someone – You don’t even want to know when I started lying :p

Failed a subject – Nope, I have a good memory.

Been in a car accident – No

Been in a tsunami – No, but I want to see one while staying alive

Watched someone die (including pets) – Yes.

Been to a funeral – Yes.

Burned yourself – Which is why i don’t cook

Run a marathon – Is cross country counted?

Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day – Oh hell yeah, I love shopping!

Flown on an aeroplane – Best part of flying is the take off!

Written a 18 page letter (front & back) – WE WERE ON A BREAK!

Gone skiing – No, a little scared to try.

Lost someone you loved – Yes

Got into trouble for something you didn’t do – Umm, the other way round?

Stolen a book from a library – Hahaha, The book thief, but i did replace it with a GoT book.

Gone to a different country – Yes!

Gambled in a casino – One day…

Been in a school play – Nope, my acting skills suck.

Taken a lie detector test – No!

Voted for someone on a reality TV show – No

Read more than 20 books a year – Yes! I love reading!

Gone to Europe – No 😦

Had a surgery – Nope

Had stitches – Nope

Ridden a tuk-tuk (autorickshaw)? – Yes! Best part of India! Beep Beep!

Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once – Haha, yes, boy is it exhausting!

Been is a fist fight – I have a brother.

Suffered any form of abuse – No.

Had a pet – African parrot. Passed away. 😦

Petted a wild animal – A giraffe?

Had your own credit card & bought something with it – Nope not yet

Dyed your hair – Don’t want to

Got a tattoo – No! Can’t decide on something.

Had something pierced – 2 ear piercings. 

Got a straight A – I might be part chinese

Taken pictures with a webcam – A video of me singing. 

Caught people in the act of coitus – Eww no!

Gone to sleep with music on – No i need pin drop silence

Dreamt of you making out with a celebrity – 3 times and not the celebrities i wanted! Brain, what are you doing?! Also they were so realistic that when i woke up, i was so freaked out!

I would like to nominate the following blogs/bloggers to do this



Souparni Roy 

And anyone else is welcome too!


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