Who doesn’t love cake? Cake basically equals joy, and happiness and being a child and licking the cream off the cake when no one is watching.

My Dad used to own a bakery and my favorite childhood memory was him asking me what cake i wanted to eat every friday, and i always, and i mean each and everytime used to say fudge cake, as you can guess is my favorite type of cake. And he would always bring one slice for me even though my entire family was probably sick of eating fudge cake every friday, but he never listened to them and bought it anyway, and the both of us used eat as much as we could after dinner and also saturday morning. Its my fondest memory!

I remember one time when i was about 7, i decided it was my Barbie Doll’s birthday, and i wanted to make cake. And for someone who never ever enters the kitchen, i had no idea how to make cake. so i went to the kitchen, got some flour and added some water to it and started stirring. and i would add more water and more flour and so on and on, and that went on for about three hours. For some reason my mum let my 7 year old self mess her kitchen, apparently its very funny to see your child with no cooking skill trying to cook. Then after three hours she called my dad to get a slice of cake (Fudge) for my Barbie’s birthday, obviously she didn’t know i had heard her call him. Anyway in the end i got to eat cake, so that was GREAT!


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