Personally i feel that life is really worth living when you have friends, just strangers that you can show your random side to, which you can’t with your family. And to have a really great friendship, its important to find open minded people who accept your quirks and weirdness and make you feel completely comfortable with being yourself. Friends you can tell your craziest thoughts and secrets or wishes with no judgement.

For someone who just graduated from high school, we all know how ‘judgey’ our colleagues can be and its hard to find yourself in such an environment. I know because i used to be friends with very close minded people and i didn’t realize i was suffocating under them until i met my current friends who had the same crazy ideas as me and could talk about the most random thing, including the “boring” topics and give personal opinions which may not agree most of the times but at least you can voice out your opinion without any fear. So i think its important to surround yourself with open minded people who will also turn out to be like minded people like you, and you will always be comfortable being yourself and therefore also be really happy.


14 thoughts on “Friends

  1. You are absolutely right, it is important to be with like minded and open friends. However, my suggestion would be, don’t cut those close minded people out of your life. Leave a little space for them, cause if you so choose being uncomfortable can be a great learning opportunity.

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