The Way You Make Me Feel

How the carrot pea war started…


You feel smooth

And soft

Against my skin

I still remember

The taste of you

In my mouth

Every time I see you

My heart beats a little faster

As you seduce me

My mouth waters with anticipation

I take a deep breath

You smell so good

I can’t resist any longer

I just can’t wait anymore

I want you now

Why are you taking so long to cook?

I’ve been craving peas all week

And as I think all this

I realize they’re cooked

And I’m going to have a great meal

There’s a very good explanation as to why I am writing a poem about peas (no I didn’t finally lose my mind as everyone expected). To understand this story you need to know that I love peas so much I could probably live on nothing but peas but with that same passion I hate carrots. My friend…

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