Hello, and welcome to my art blog. I’ll be writing on easy, fast and fun ways to make creative art using simple house hold materials or maybe just a pen and paper. And the good part is, you don’t have to be an “artist” to do this, it is plainly for your benefit, a chance to take a break from our busy lives and create something beautiful for us. So lets be 5 years old again and color outside the lines. It may not be perfect or something to be put in the art galleries, but its your own piece of art (even if it looks like your neighbors trash), created by you and therefore it is perfect. We’re here to have fun. So be sure to like, follow and comment.

I also make online comics when i can, so be sure to check that using the link below:


5 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Woohoo Mistry! We are all blogging buddies now and I should never call us blogging buddies because it sounds weird. But yay! So excited for you, this will be so fun 😀 I will finally art thanks to you 😀

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